Walt Rickli Interactive Sculpture Garden

Walt Rickli Interactive Sculpture Garden
art by Walt Ricki
explore sculptures
parking across the street at Lowville Park
Lowville, Ontario north of Burlington

We explored the sculptures and gardens, we would like to go back when the flowers and other plants have come into season. We enjoyed "discovering" sculptures tucked in behind trees and placed arounf the small garden.


  1. Mr. Rickli needs to change the gardens/scupltures. Perhaps donate those old ones to the city or raffle them off and create a new interative exciting space with new inovative sculputures that WOW you in there natural space. I found it too small. and not inviting with the business there.? feels like your intruding on someones private garden more than interactive sculpture garden. Sorry..

  2. I agree. I've seen the same sculptures there for years now ( I live in the area and pass it daily)


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